We are a curiosity driven company

As kids we wonder about how things are made to work. How our favorite movies or videogames are created. When we grow up, we ask about the space we live in and how is it built.

These questions lead us to realize love for the making and technique are behind our fascinations. By dominating them we can create magical experiences. We discovered they all share the same essential core that is Spatial Design.

This is How is the way you start answering those questions.


Virtual Reality Apps

We develop VR apps for iOS and Android Devices. We also create spaces for exhibitions and showcase projects with Vive or Oculus.

Architecture Design Consultancy

We can bring on your ideas to life. With our background and knowledge in architecture we make spaces achieve their potential.

Curation, Storytelling & Web Design

We help you express the qualities of your project in a better way, whether you need an architectural visualization, a new web design or just an opinion.

Our team

Javier M Avila


+31 (0) 63 117 0490

Architect by ETSAUN (Technical University of Navarra, 2013). He has taught visual storytelling for architecture. His experience in The Netherlands began with an internship in 2010 at Gemeente Amsterdam at Ruimte en Duurzaamheid and continued at the architecture studio SeARCH in 2014.

In 2016, he found himself in the perfect position to develop his idea of a transversal design discipline and started DITISHOE.


We were born to blurry the lines. We love to wear multiple hats and we will get more as we expand to other design fields. Flexibility and adaptation is in our DNA. We are water.


We create meaningful visual content. Our main priority is to help you reach more potential clients by achieving design and visual excellency.


We believe in a fast paced workflow. Our scrum methodology keeps the development transparent so there are no surprises.

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