Apartments 360


Virtual Reality and Real Time Engines bring a whole new kind of architecture visualization

Key Features

Design & Identity

Include atemporal furniture designs from Vitra, Cassina, Flos and Arco provided by Dimensiva and Epic Games.

Developed for iPad

Compatible with most iPad devices and ready to port for other platforms as iPhone or Android Devices with few changes.

Alternative Layouts

Explore a 40m² studio or a family-sized 160m² apartment. Including more standard 80m² and 120m² living units.

Light weight

Its low polygon assets and adaptable visual quality make the app not only a performance prowess but also ready for Virtual Reality.

Move Freely

Walk through the apartments without positional restrictions. No more clunky controls or standard static views!

Fast Production

Thanks to the streamlined workflow and helped by Scrum Management, the development time is cut to five weeks.

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