Peak of Eternal Light

About this project

Peak of Eternal Light is an art project that reimagines future lunar settlements. The Moon, unlike Earth, has no boundaries, no divisions, no nations. A temple to celebrate it as a powerful symbol of unity for mankind. The project features an environment made explorable thanks to Virtual Reality and a Lunar Orbiter App soon to be available.

The Moon Temple will be located on the rim of the Shackleton, a behemoth crater of 21 Km wide and 4.2 Km deep. This imposing location has unique lighting conditions, most of the rim is in constant light while the interior of the crater is on permanent penumbra.

Peak of Eternal light is created by Jorge Mañes Rubio. Artist by the Royal College of Art (London, 2010), TED Fellow (2014), awarded by S&R Foundation Washington in 2015 and Artist in Residence at the European Space Agency. He walks the line between Science, Sociology, Politics and Environment, he faces universal subjects from a strong and alternative point of view. His extensive portfolio can be found in seethisway.

Jorge Mañes Rubio. SEETHISWAY
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Photo by Bret Hartman.

Shackleton Crater located on the South Pole of the Moon. The Lunar Temple visible as bright dot on the left side
© Jorge Mañes Rubio / DITISHOE

The Moon Temple could serve social, cultural and spiritual purposes and will be 3D printed using lunar regolith. Such material and technology will most likely create ‘soft’ structures, resembling the way traditional adobe architecture has been used on our planet for many centuries, again pointing the artist in the direction of primitive civilizations.

A Virtual Reality app powered by with Unreal Engine showcases the temple. The user can explore the corners of the art project as well as the imposing landscape. The environment has been built according with accurate terrain data. With this interactive experience the artist aims to use VR as a powerful tool for cultural curation and exhibition.

The short film is part of the introduction to this ongoing project. The real time nature of the tools used allow to modify and add more content as the project evolves, showing new aspects or changing the character of the movie on the fly. The easiness of production of new material makes it a perfect way for sharing the content on social media.

Alongside the visual material, we have developed a Moon Orbiter App. Jorge provided scientific data and coordinates through his residency in the European Space Agency ESA. Exploring the Moon and the past missions is a way to explain the context. It is also a great educational tool to show the achievements of the Space Race.

Through the central oculus, a liquid mirror telescope gazes into the oldest and most distant objects in the universe
© Jorge Mañes Rubio / DITISHOE

What comes next?

While Rubio keeps working on his ‘Peak of Eternal Light’ art project, the Moon Temple and the Shackleton crater will be available to the public in the next coming weeks through an interactive VR experience and digital app. This free app will allow anybody to virtually travel to the south pole of the Moon and explore every metre of the Shackleton crater in all its magnitude.


Peak of Eternal Light and the Moon Temple is an art project created by Jorge Mañes Rubio as artist in residence at the European Space Agency ESA.

Spatial design and visualisation in collaboration with DITISHOE.

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