Winter Lodge


Euskadi is one of the most beautiful regions of northern Spain. Located in the province of Gipuzkoa, the winter lodge sits in the mountains of the reservoir Urkulu Urtegia.

With lush nature and beautiful basque hamlets this shire was referred in the local language as the place of the big oak trees. In this lucky environment, the winter lodge stands out as an updated version of the Case Study House #13 by Richard J. Neutra.

Key Features

Cinematic Mode

Sit back and relax while watching the film about the architecture qualities and surroundings.

Interactive Mode

Toggle the furniture and finishes while walking through the building with total freedom.

Developed for PC

Experience the app at it’s best with the latest computer hardware compatible with Windows 10.

Created with Unreal

A graphic engine that speeds up development and improves visual fidelity.

Multiple options at your fingertips

Professionally precise, Winter Lodge allows you to change the furniture. You can choose from the classics by Vitra, Cassina or the fantastic lamps by Flos and Arco Collection. Most of them provided by Dimensiva.

What they say about Unreal Engine

“What the camera was to the 20th century, the engine is today. The media world is converging into a digital content industry… where the engine is the thing that links different media together in an interoperable world.”

Tim Sweeney, lead of Unreal Engine, EPIC

“The real workhouse of Unreal Engine is Kismet. It allows developers to make changes on the fly. It could fundamentally change the industry and empower a new generation of designers by letting them spend time on the parts of the design that matter.”

Dave Thier, Forbes

“Design and code can be changed, recompiled and executed nearly instantly—a technical feat that has been unheard-of in game development. And just like that, the silence in the room becomes reverent. The industry has changed.”

Stu Horvath, Wired Magazine

“We rarely have seen something with this level of fidelity and convenience. It allows to edit everything and see how the changes would impact the design from every angle. Ultimately, this will make clients happier, and creatives more capable.”

Mark Wilson, Fast Company Design

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