Along with cinema and political debates we can spend hours talking about cars. Just going for a walk in the launch break can end with a heated conversation about the stupendous power of american cars, the precision of the japanese motors or the incredible good engineering behind german vehicles.

But all of these chats end the same way: a saturday tournament with our favorite racing games. These are our choices when it comes to a challenge.

Forza Motorsport 6 for Xbox One

We used to be huge fans of Gran Turismo. But we got tired of waiting for the 5th version so we switch to the Xbox 360 hit Forza Motorsport 3. We didn’t come back since then. Each new game introduces better graphics and crazy features that put us to the test. But it is the Forzavista mode for exploring the cars in the garage and the extremely realistic interior camera that keeps on loving this franchise.

The 6th version runs at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second and almost make us smell the tires burning against the asphalt. Check this video to know what we are talking about.

001 1601 We Love Cars Forza 01

Project CARS for PC

We started drooling instantly when Slightly Mad Studios first show their idea about how a racing game should look like. With a incredible physics simulation it has become our favourite pure simulator. While Forza Motorsport has a friendlier approach Project CARS is for those who have gas running through their veins. It occupies the space in our hearts previously reserved for Gran Turismo. With an future proof graphics we cannot wait to test our next graphic card with it!

001 1601 We Love Cars ProjectCars

Dirt Rally for PlayStation 4

We have been loving each racing game from Codemasters since that TOCA Touring Car or Colin McRae Rally. Their last one, Dirt is no exception: Simple, straightforward and fun. It has tons of cars from different eras. The terrain simulation is amazing and the landscapes breathtaking. When it comes to get your car dirty there is no other like Dirt Rally. Try for yourself and you will get completely sucked to the screen.

001 1601 We Love Cars Dirt Rally

Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox One

We used to love the Need for Speed games. They were fun and badass. Their last versions weren’t what we expected from such a long running franchise. But right when we thought the arcade style gaming the team behind Forza, Turn10 Studio announced Forza Horizon. A classic game for keep on pressing the gas without worries. Run as much as you can and don’t focus very much on your driving skills. Forza Horizon offers completely over the top races.

001 1601 We Love Cars Forza Horizon

Mario Kart Double Dash for GameCube

We have to admit one of our brainless guilty pleasures. A couple years ago we found an old GameCube with a disk of Mario Kart Double Dash inside. It’s a mixture of nostalgia and pure fun. We always have the console closeby. It’s good for quick bets and conflict solving. A race takes a couple of minutes and can help you figure out who will pay the lunch…

001 1601 We Love Cars Mario Kart

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