Since the Mathematical Perspective was invented back in the 15th century by Brunelleschi it’s been always an important tool when communicating architectural concepts to clients.

Its power to transmit feelings and it’s being exploited ever since. The last 50 years different styles have made a mark on which techniques we use today with computer generated graphics.

These are some of which we consider the most relevant.

The Utopian

This vogue way of rendering is characterized by its perfection and autumny approach. The textures and materials are perfectly calculated as well as the natural elements. The point of view is very balanced and often refuse weird or unsettling angles. Is very similar to certain Sci Fi movies like Gattaca or Artificial Intelligence: Perfect and sharp.

00 Front Landscape C2Our Rendering for the Winter Lodge is a Good Example of this.

The Superstudio.

In the 60’s the italian studio introduced architecture images as vehicle for transmitting new ideas. The previous approach was to show what was going to be build instead of experimentation itself. It inspired architects as Lina Bo Bardi, Rem Koolhaas or Bernard Tschumi.

It consists on a collage with real elements, drawings and cutouts that creates an optimistic felling. Maybe that is the reason why is still very used.

Image by Paul Stallan Studio for 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games project.

A variation of this one is often used in competitions due to its vague definition and strong idea. It’s usually populated by an insane amount of plants

The Magic Dream.

This particular style of render is quite recent. As the tools and software evolved, architects and visualizers were able to push the boundaries of what’s real introducing certain degree of fairy tale flavour.

Its magical aura and cozy feelings makes it perfect for wintery renderings based in Nordic Countries.

002 1602 Techniques Renderings Winter by Sergey Mahno ArchitectsImage by Sergey Mahno Architects

The Laidback.

We consider this way of rendering to be halfway The Magic Dream and The Utopian. It is very cozy and somehow hyperrealistic but not enough to make you feel uncomfortable. That’s why the feelings it transmit are just to sit and chill while looking the people pass by with their coffee cups.

002 1602 Techniques Renderings Samsung HQ by NBBJ architectsImage of Samsung Headquarters


What do you think? Is there more styles you use? Let us know in our social links down here!

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