A few year ago I was asked to render the architecture visualizations for a documentation project based on the Case Study Houses sponsored by Arts & Architecture magazine.

These living units were experiments in American residential architecture, which commissioned major architects of the day, including Richard Neutra, Charles and Ray Eames and Eero Saarinen, among others, to design and build inexpensive and efficient model homes for the United States residential boom in the mid-fifties.

1603 Winter Lodge Richard Neutra 004

The subject of study was the issue number 13, commissioned by Richard Neutra on March 1946 but was never built. The idea behind the documentation was to update the architecture concept to the contemporary living standards and placed it in a new environment: The shire of Euskadi.

The program needed as to spaces and facilities is for a family of four with living quarters articulated around a fireplace and two exterior areas connected by them. The importance of the public zone of the house is framed by the use the same coarse pavement north and south of the building and passing through a zone adjacent to the hearth of the fireplace.

1603 Winter Lodge Richard Neutra 001

The house has been designed with constant thought for his relationship with the environment. This is starting point when distributing the social space as well as the private rooms: All have a magnificent view of the mountains.

Not only the visual environment but also the Elements have been thought of. The sun position is vital when considering the placement of each use: The morning light in the kitchen and back areas and evening sun in the living room and bedrooms. As for the for the type of flat but slanting roof, is draining the rainwater in the same direction as does the sloping ground itself.

1603 Winter Lodge Richard Neutra 003

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