In DITISHOE we love to make computers. When is time to get a new one, we just buy the pieces and we spend the weekend building our custom designs. Obviously this is only possible if we don’t have racing tournament on Saturday!

Here are some good examples we find very inspirational.

Tenuis by Gtek Design.

Gtek is a designer of modified computers from the UK. We first saw his design when he released the extremely beautiful Tenuis. Featuring an black anodized metal plate that holds the components and a beautiful walnut cover. His second iteration is even better!

006 1605 Custom Computer Design Gtek Computer 01

A year later he improved the combination with even more success: A smaller form factor. Although he doesn’t seem to have that much activity you can check their Facebook page for more information.

Taku by Cryorig.

This Puerto Rican company is mainly specialized in computer components for unsatisfied modders who want more design. During the Computex 2016 they announced their first two cases. Ola and Taku. While the first one is an adaptation of the latest Apple’s Mac Pro the second one called our attention.

006 1605 Custom Computer Cryorig Taku

I would consider this the scandinavian approach to the old IBM PC sitting in almost every desk in the administration offices around the world. Yes, those with the Pentium 4 sticker on it!

Bitfenix Phenom.

In DITISHOE we always choose Bitfenix. We like to build our computers with raw power but we don’t want to sacrifice in design. No offense but most of the cases for high end builds are just plain hideous. We understand most of the people when thinking about racing cars go for a Fast and the Furious approach. In our case we go for Bentley Continental GT style, a bit tacky but without neon.

006 1605 Custom Computer Design BitFenix Phenom


What do you think? Do you agree with our pick? Let us know with our social links! Have a nice day!

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