They say September is the Monday of the year so, to ease it up, we have collected a few readings we think you could enjoy. As always our picks are related to virtual reality, architecture, technology, urban design or videogames. To sum up, the areas DITISHOE is involved with.

  • This week Oscar de Bakker wrote his first article for our Journal: A very interesting piece about a traditional spice shop in the city of Haarlem. Van der Pigge transport you directly to the year 1850 the moment you enter its door.
  • Last Thursday, SETI institute revealed they have received a very powerful signal from a galaxy 94 light years far away. The mysterious news have sparkled tons of dreams and conspirations but SETI had to calm them down. In a very clear article principal investigator Franck Marchis explained the signal probably came from a rare plane radar that didn’t get properly filtered. It is what they call a parasite signal.
  • Sadly for those who are worried about tech waste and planned obsolescence, Google cancelled the modular smartphone. The project Ara was an interesting device that could be upgraded. For instance if you needed a better camera, you could buy a new module without having to purchase a new phone. The same goes with the battery capacity, the processor or the screen. Although they don’t assume it the reasons are, obviously, pressure from tech manufacturers like Samsung that could see it as a menace to their fast paced product release and aggressive obsolescence planification.
  • Directly from PAX event in Seattle, the guys from Playground Games showed some gameplay of the upcoming Forza Horizon 3. As we said before, we love racing games and we are looking forward to try this one!
  • It’s not a secret we love heritage architecture projects. Our Memorial Museum in Janovas is a good example. But, when we saw the House in Janeanes by Branco-Del Río arquitectos we couldn’t stop feeling a bit of healthy envy. What a beautiful project!

To end up this Sunday we suggest the playlist below while reading a nice book. Have a great week everbody!

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